Frameless Glass Doors

Gorgeous Dublin home has floor-to-ceiling glass features

Spacious and grand, with an unmatched view of Dublin’s Grand Canal dock and an asking price of £750.000, this gorgeous Dublin home is sure to pique the interest of anyone with an eye for beauty.

This gorgeous Dublin home that has floor-to-ceiling glass features was specially made with the highest quality polycarbonate glass, that has been installed by some of Dublin’s expert carpenters. If you are looking for luxury, grouped with comfort and elegance, look no further! Besides its incredible floor-to-ceiling glass features, it has 2 master bedrooms, 3 guest rooms, all with attached bathrooms; two drawing rooms; one kitchen; two garages; one home theatre; and an infinity pool, frameless glass sliding doors and much more.

Upon entering, we are greeted by a 450 square feet drawing room equipped with a 65-inch flat screen TV and sofa set fit for luxury and comfort. One wall of the drawing room is entirely made of glass and overlooks the Grand Canal Quay. The kitchen can be found to the left of the drawing room, having the same view; as well as all the latest kitchen technology required to make an amazing meal. The second drawing room is specially included to accentuate the simple, yet exquisite fireplace for cozy winters and small family gatherings.

Each bedroom has an amazing view of the city, with its specially designed windows that offer little to no obstruction when taking a look at the scenic beauty of Dublin. One could most definitely get enthralled for hours sitting beside the window of any given bedroom, while they behold such a view. In order to fully enjoy such a scene, one must be comfortable. For this reason, each bedroom is equipped with hand-made furniture overlaid with artisanal upholstery and custom-made drapery to adorn the windows.

Along with Italian marble flooring that simply reflects all the details of the entire home. With no less care, the bathrooms also have been designed to match the comfort and elegance of the rest of this beautiful home. Each bathroom has imported fittings that offer an experience akin only to a spa. The home theatre has been designed and installed by our expert technicians, with international standard surround sound system and a cinema-grade screen. This theatre can house an audience of up to 15 people.

Last but not least is the rooftop infinity pool because, why not? This feature will most definitely make the home even more memorable than it already is to all that have a chance to behold it. Showers, lavatories and changing rooms have been installed nearby the pool that provide added convenience to this feature. This gorgeous Dublin home with its floor-to-ceiling glass features, imported fitting, handcrafted furniture and much more is sure to fulfill one’s every need. There’s nothing else like it, come and see for yourself!