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Plastic Surgeons Talk of Need for Clearer Warnings on Fireworks

The number of firework injuries has been tremendously increasing in the recent past across the UK. According to statistics, last year alone, 4,436 people in England who were suffering from fireworks injuries were admitted at the Accidents and Emergency hospitals. This number is a huge rise from the reported 2,141 people who were admitted for the same condition in 2010.

For this reason, the BAPRAS has come out to speak on the need for clearer warnings regarding fireworks to help in curbing the problem. The association pointed out that repeated awareness and safety warnings are not sufficient in regard to the handling of fireworks, to avoid the need for plastic surgery such as facelift Manchester ‌services being involved.

The injuries that arise from the mishandling and misuse of fireworks are serious life-altering. They require extensive reconstructive surgery to restore the person’s appearance This usually causes high financial expenses. As you understand, people who sustain such injuries may end up incapacitated in one way or the other. All these can be avoided if people are well informed so that they can always be careful with what they do.

Graphic Warnings Could Help Fight the Menace:

Recently, YouGov carried out a survey in Great Britain regarding the packaging and use on fireworks. In their findings, the organization established that close to 75% of the parents in Great Britain support the idea of labelling of fireworks in an effort to pass the warning to the potential user of fireworks.

By having graphical warnings on the packaging, people who are handling and using fireworks will have appropriate information regarding the dangers associated with their activities. In this way, they will be more careful to ensure that they do not expose themselves to the life-changing damages that come from the misuse of the same.

The president of BAPRAS, who is also a consultant plastic surgeon, David Ward, reported of their concern in the matter. In his statement, Dr Ward said that they are particularly concerned about the misuse of the fireworks by people under the age of 18, who usually do so away from organized events where care is regarded.

The surgeon went ahead to mention that although the fireworks are packaged in a “jovial, toy-like fashion,” it is common for people to forget that they are handling deadly explosives.

A Call on the Government to Make Appropriate Changes:

Moreover, the surgeon reported that the BAPRAS is calling on the government of the UK to take appropriate steps to “make a common-sense change” that can help save lives of many fireworks users. He said that the change can be enforced by a legislative process. The goal of the changes is to ensure that fireworks packaged in the UK have mandatory graphical warnings like the cigarettes.

The MP for Poplar and Limehouse, Jim Fitzpatrick, also backed up the idea by the BAPRAS regarding the need of graphical warnings on fireworks. In his statement, Jim said that the figures raised by BAPRAS are alarming. He said that due to this, it is clear that there is an urgent need for the government to introduce the graphic warnings on fireworks.

The MP also mentioned how in the past they have sensibly enforced the warnings on other harmful products like cigarettes and alcohol. He finished by saying that if the same is not applied to fireworks, then more lives will be in danger of the serious injuries imposed by fireworks.