Some facts about boiler grant

The British government, in an initiative to support the poor household for fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emission, has launched the boiler grants  UK. It is a considerable supportive project for the people who cannot afford expensive energy-efficient boilers and have to pay increased energy bills due to inefficient and outdated boilers. The big six companies and energy suppliers are offering these grants for new energy-efficient boilers. The scheme is known as The Energy Company Obligation or only ECO. It is also called a free boiler scheme or boiler grants. It aims at supporting at least 2.5 million eligible households to get free boiler. The old boilers are replaced for new energy-efficient boilers.

Do you get boilers utterly free of cost?

If you are entitled to grant, you will be eligible for a free boiler grant that offers individual costs f the boiler. In certain instances, you have to contribute to it. It is entirely free but with its minimal costs.

Who pays you?

Different energy suppliers such as British Gas, Npower, and eon, pay you for the purpose. The task has been given to six big energy suppliers. These energy suppliers have an agreement with the UK government to contribute to funding the initiative. They provide annual grants towards the scheme. You should keep in mind that gas boiler funding is minimal.

How to apply for a grant

If you consider you are eligible and meet the criteria, you need to apply for a grant. But before applying you need to assess eligibility. There are some online sources where you can determine your eligibility. In case, you find yourself entitled to you may apply for a grant.

Choosing a boiler model

There are popular brands in the market, and one of the enlisted brands may be installed in your home. You have not to select the brand model and make. The company will fix it on its own.


There is a warranty that comes with the new boiler. It differs from brands and maybe one too seven years. It depends on your brand or installer company.

Processing period

The processing period for a boiler grant varies. It may, on average, take four months to replace your boiler. It involves surveys, processing, and installation.