Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention

Do you know the severity and outcomes of sexually transmitted infections? Do you want to get an insight into preventive measures you need to take into consideration? It is a fact that STIs are spreading increasingly due to the negligence of people. First of all, if you want treatment and testing, you need to consult the STI clinic Liverpool to understand whether you are inflicted. If you’re going to prevent this dangerous infection, you should avoid sex with any person who has genital sores, rash, discharge, or other visible symptoms. You should keep in mind that unprotected sex is safe only when you and your partner sex with each other. If you have multiple sex partners, you should test yourself and your partner before sex. You should generally need to take the STI test every six months. Moreover, there are certain precautions that you need to take into consideration.


  • Whenever you go for sex round, you need to use latex condoms. If you use a lubricant, you should opt for a water-based lubricant. Condoms are essential for entire sexual activity. It is proved that condoms are not fully efficient in preventing STIs and pregnancy. But if you correctly use them, they may be sufficient. You should learn the correct use of a condom.
  • It would be best if you did not share your towels with others.
  • You should wash the sexual organs before and after sexual activity.
  • It would help if you were vaccinated for hepatitis B. it may be a series of three shots.
  • It would help if you underwent HIV tests.
  • If you are using drugs and alcohol, you need to get help. If you are a drunken r on medications, you may not take safe sex.
  • Don’t have sex with the people who have multiple sexual partners.

Here was a notion that using nonoxynol-9 condoms may prevent the STIs because they kill the disease spreading organisms. But now it is proved that it may irritate your vagina or cervix so that it may increase STD risk. Know sexual health specialists recommend avoiding using such condoms.

Prevention measures

  • Don’t have sex until you consult your health service provider.
  • Follow the suggestions and instructions of your doctor.
  • When you have a new sexual partner, use condoms for prevention.
  • STI testing is vital for both partners.