Human Resources

How can good HR be involved with building brand awareness?

When we think about building a brand, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is marketing and the way the company services are perceived by customers and prospects. Advertising campaigns, identifiable logos that are easy to remember, building a strong image for the company to climb to the first positions in the market, etc.  We constantly forget that what makes a company great is not only the image they project to the audience but the human resources that form part of the project. It would be safe to state that the human resources of a company are its greatest value.

Most of the big firms that come to mind when we think about big, powerful brands are also among the list of best employers.  But choosing the right staff to your company might not be so easy. Some statistics show that it takes more than a month for an employer to find the perfect candidate for a job position. But there are some ways to improve these statistics. There are many things that are changing since the Millennial generation coming into the workforce, and HR recruitment is not the exception. This article has gathered some of the most innovative techniques for using HR for brand building.

  1. Recruitment parties

This is a very efficient, innovative way of recruiting new employees. Instead of the traditional one-to-one boring interviews, held on a too serious environment which makes the interviewed nervous and sometimes unable to show the best of themselves These relaxed events are much more efficient. The fast food chain Taco Bell organized the first event of the kind, showing a success rate of 50%. Having the right people among your employees will help incredibly to build a strong brand

  1. Reward programs and fluent communication

It is very important for a company’s success to have the customers’ experience as the center of their marketing strategy. But it can be even more important to take into consideration the employees experience. Incentivizing positive behaviors and boosting a fluent communication between the managers and the employees is essential to keep your employees happy and compromised with your brand.

  1. Build company culture

One of the keys to success in involving your employees in brand building is making sure they understand the politics and culture of the company, and that they feel themselves an active part of it. This is especially important If we are talking about a large company where employees can lose track of the common objectives they are pursuing altogether.

  1. Take advantage of technology in brand building

Technology is essential to build an image of the company in the employee’s mind. It’s important to create a workplace where the latest technology at hand is used and everything is updated. The workplace needs to be perceived as a cool place to work. One good example is using cloud-based technology that improves the employee’s user experience.

  1. Collaboration and merging are key

Build a strong HR solutions strategy, implementing some of the most successful and used marketing techniques in your HR procedures. What works for engaging prospects might be also applicable to your employees.

Employees are the core of a company. Work with them for brand building